Having a conference? Looking for creative and thoughtful insights? Invite Pentec to come speak at your next event. Previous programs include:

“Handwriting: A Tool to Team Building and Conflict Resolution”

This absorbing and pragmatic discussion develops the rationale that motivates business leaders to use handwriting as a key tool for personnel assessment. With examples from the “Corporate Dream Team” you will discover how compatibility insights help companies form inner alliances that collaborate for achievement and resolve conflicts based on an understanding of the individuals behind the behaviors. This is essential wisdom for every industry.

“Handwriting: Landscape of the Mind”

Unique as fingerprints, handwriting is energy captured on paper. Interpreted, it is an important projective technique used by individuals, therapists, teachers and businesses to recognize talents and abilities. Documented with remarkable examples, this graphic, informative and significant lecture explores the origins of handwriting revealing many insights into personality, including childhood trauma, individual identity and performance potential.

“The Trail You Leave in Ink”

A lively, insightful and useful program on handwriting and what it means for you, your career, your children and every relationship. Documented with remarkable examples of the rich, the famous, the infamous and ordinary people, this graphic and informative program will long be remembered.

“The Creative Spirit”

In 1989 Ruth was invited by Marilyn Ferguson, author of The Aquarian Conspiracy, to be part of an extraordinary research team of psychologists, business consultants, body and language experts who evaluated over 100 individuals chosen because they had turned their “visions” into reality. This program, inspiring and enlightening, introduces a typology of creativity as seen in the writings of these high achievers.

“Challenging Your Expertise: Forensic Document Examination”

Document and fraud examiners study for years the science & art of examining handwriting, signatures, numbers, financial transactions, forensic methods, investigation techniques, the law, communication and preparation of testimony and exhibits for court as expert witnesses. 

Obstacles arise that can alter outcomes. What are the responsibilities to avoid the pitfalls in advance with your exhibits, reports, clients, colleagues and attorneys?

In over thirty years in the field Ruth Holmes has faced some of the most difficult challenges possible from murderers to the media, from the judges to the juries.  Learn the highs and lows from her experiences and remarkable cases. Forewarned is forearmed.

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