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The objective of this trial consulting service is to provide critical information to attorneys and their clients about the jury panel and case presentations. Jury and trial observations are made from patterns of expressive behavior which are communicated graphically, visually, physically and linguistically in a pre-trial and courtroom environment. Handwriting examination is the basis of this consulting practice. Jury services are offered to assist with pre-trial assessments, focus groups, voir dire preparations and the de-selection process. Multi-level procedures take place inside and outside the courtroom. A comprehensive evaluation of each case is made to determine the best strategy using this system of jury selection. Pentec, Inc. is dedicated to being an integral part of the legal team throughout the trial.

Behavioral Profiles

Each juror is individually evaluated for personality and behavioral characteristics as they contribute to motivation, maturity, emotional responsiveness, attitudes, thinking style, leadership and group dynamics. 

The final report contains profiles on each juror and recommendations for working with the seated jury.

Linguistic Analysis (SCAN)

In addition to graphological evaluations, knowledge of linguistics and content analysis can be useful in assessing statements of clients, jurors, witnesses and attorneys. Reviews can be made of opening and closing statements, depositions and testimony in order to determine probable juror impact and interpretations.

Body Language

Expressive movements including posture, gestures, facial expressions, eye movements, verbal and non-verbal communication are carefully noted, appraised and integrated into the final juror assessments.

Voir Dire Questions

Advice regarding specific areas of inquiry can be given for reluctant jurors who may hide their real motives.

Focus Groups and Mock Jury Trials

Many firms find that difficult cases merit the use of focus groups or mock trials. Handwriting profiles and other forms of expressive behavior learned in the pre-trial process contribute important behavioral clues about perspective jurors and provide direction in the presentation of the case.

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