Employee Screenings

Our clients find our handwriting services of great value because we help them add another dimension to their hiring and procedures. Beyond the resume, interview and references, handwriting examination provides insight into a potential employee's work habits, communication skills, natural aptitudes and personal dynamics.

  • INCREASE revenue by LOWERING  cost per candidate
  • MATCH employees to the job
  • ENHANCE effectiveness of people you hire 
  • IMPLEMENT a strategic hiring process
  • RAISE productivity by REDUCING turn over
  • ELEVATE morale by ENCOURAGING mutual understanding between employees
  • ENGAGE employees for more effective group dynamics 
  • IMPROVE productivity and the bottom line

Benefits of Handwriting Examination for Hiring, Team, Building and Conflict Resolution

  • Handwriting examination is an essential tool for business owners and HR professionals striving to find the most suitable candidates for positions from entry level to senior executives.
  • Handwriting assessment adds an innovative dimension to the recognition of personality traits, behavior profiles and management styles that are necessary for optimal recruitment, placement and promotion. 
  • Personality assessment through handwriting examination helps identify the talents and tensions of prospective and existing employees.
  • Handwriting analysis enhances the understanding of individuals that is valuable for team building, conflict resolution and management alignment.
  • HR professionals that use handwriting assessment are better able to recognize and encourage individual potential for optimal performance of all employees.
  • Handwriting insights help to motivate and coach individual employees through comprehensive reviews on the job and when necessary in outplacement consulting.
  • The trail a person leaves in ink also has a forensic component. Handwriting exemplars should be available in the event that a questioned document, forgery or anonymous letter appears in any office or industrial plant. Fraud and embezzlement using the strokes of a pen are a multi-billion dollar industry from which companies need to protect themselves.
  • Pentec will heighten awareness about the importance of maintaining handwriting samples in employee files for potential forensic use on questioned documents.

See also: “Legal Concerns in Using Handwriting

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“I swear by her. I continue to be absolutely amazed at what she tells us. I started out thinking this was hocus-pocus. But about 10 years ago, I made a bad hire and wanted a way to avoid that in the future,” says Hickman, who also uses background investigations and psychological testing to evaluate potential hires. “If the other tests don't agree, we go with the results of her handwriting analysis. She's been right on.”
From “She's got an eye for handwriting,” Detriot News (August 4, 2003).
David Hickman, CEO, United Bank & Trust

“Skepticism is natural,” who rates Holmes' work for him over the last decade as an “11 on a scale of 10. Ruth brings a remarkable degree of perception to her work -- she's extremely good at predicting success on the job.” 
From “She's got an eye for handwriting,” Detriot News (August 4, 2003).
Leland K. Bassett, chairman of Bassett & Bassett, communications management and consulting firm in Detroit

“I also realized there are many great partners that are helping us [m]ake good decisions and I felt appreciative of what you do to help us. I get the sense that you truly do see us as a partner, and not just a customer.” 
—Susan Johnson, President, Futura Industries