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“By far the best booth traffic generator was Factiva's handwriting analysis. Factiva is a Dow Jones & Reuters Company that provides essential business news and information together with the content delivery tools and services that enable professionals to make better decisions faster. What made their booth traffic generator technique so brilliant was two-fold: 1) everyone has a curiosity about what their handwriting says about them. Men and women, professional and executive, all ages...this booth captured EVERYONE'S attention. There was a line 20 minutes long, allowing Factiva's reps good face-time as they worked the prospects while they waited their turn; and 2) the process required the prospect to write down Factiva's positioning statement for the handwriting analysis. Now, THAT is good marketing.”
— Go-To-Market Strategies, review of the American Marketing Association’s Mplanet Conference in Orlando, December 2006

“Thank you so much - you were phenomenal. Payton Construction was the buzz of the whole conference. I can't tell you how many people came up to me and told me how much they enjoyed the experience. I'm so pleased with the outcome. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet you!”
—Lisa Thoma, Director of Marketing, Payton Construction

“Sarah, it was just delightful to have you participate in our trade show again last week and it was good to see you again. You did a wonderful job and added a classy touch to our booth and offerings at the show. People were very interested in your expertise and what you had to say. It is a unique skill set you have. Thank you so much for making the time to help make the show a success for us. Best wishes from all of us at Banta on your upcoming wedding.”
—Dave Mead, Senior VP Sales & Marketing, BANTA Book Group

“Meeting you and having the handwriting analysis done was one of my favorite memories of the DMA Convention this year. Your qualities of kindness and gentleness along with your personalized approach to each individual was outstanding.”
—Jim McKenna BMC Advertising, Inc

“Wow! You are good. Good luck to you too. Your booth was a highlight of the trip for me. Great fun and insightful!”
—Craig Tomarkin DART Marketing, LLC